Welcome to Ukuzibuza, a website established and curated by four high school students with ideas to share. Our purpose in creating this platform is to share purposeful, stimulating and hopefully entertaining content. It’s hard to sum up our mission in one sentence, and in fact, this is where we believe the true value of Ukuzibuza can be found : its variety. The idea is for every reader to click on and find something that both intrigues and excites them. 


With that in mind, we’ve set out to create a platform that, through the publication and sharing of various forms of media, facilitates creativity, purpose and interaction in the otherwise gloomy and stagnant time of this global pandemic. We have access to endless information, but this can often be daunting and difficult to engage with. Searching the internet is too broad and social media is too shallow. Curation helps to narrow your search while also providing insightful and substantial content.


Above all, we intend for this website to act as a space for expression. This website was created with the many high schools students seeking a sense of productivity from home in mind. Ukuzibuza is for anybody with a desire to be engaged and to continue the process of learning far beyond the classroom. And so, we encourage anybody with something to share to submit their pieces to be featured on ukuzibuza.com, in an effort to most extensively convey the many thoughts of people our age. 


We hope that this website can be a space for us all and a collection of our thoughts, connecting us through our opinions. A space for pertinent commentary and thought-provoking insights on just about anything. One which displays the creative expression, variety of knowledge, passions, talents and ideas that we as a collective possess so abundantly. 


 Sazi Bongwe, Ruby de Lanerolle, Joseph  Goldblatt and Eli Osei