Being Queer and African

An analysis of the ongoing systemic and social discrimination in Africa and African schools against the LGBTQIA+ Community

African Pride is a group of South African students who want to raise awareness on the ongoing oppression targeting LGBTQIA people in Africa. Out of Africa’s 54 countries, 32 of them continue to criminalise homosexuality and although homosexuality is legal in countries such as South Africa, it is still viewed as very taboo and “Un-African” by many institutions, schools and communities.

Even within modern thinking countries like South Africa, there are social injustices and a hateful culture towards the LGBTQIA community. We hope to address and combat the othering of our community by promoting open conversation and informing the public about injustices and acts of discrimination, not only in other countries but in our schools and communities as well. Many people don’t know that homosexuality is punishable by death in Sudan, Mauritania, Nigeria and Somalia and homosexuals can be imprisoned for as long as life in Zambia and Uganda. Same-sex marriages and adoptions are not acknowledged ONLY recognised in South Africa and even then, many schools and universities don’t have safe spaces for LGBTQIA+ people to express their opinions and share their stories.

What we are hoping to change is the way people in our community are treated and raise awareness for the daily struggles we experience. We know that sexuality and gender identity are topics that are rarely discussed in the classroom and as the world moves towards a more digital era, we see the opportunity to create safe online environments where we can share our experiences and give advice to people who seek guidance. Change begins when people start listening to each other, and by promoting African Pride and spreading the knowledge that such a space, such a platform exists and is run by people who can understand, relate and resonate to your experiences can help so many people.

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