Me, it, us, who - Zoya Mothupi-Sarges

A small collection of expressions of myself, somethings and someones.


Candid 1.0

Ausländer, in her homeland

Z.M-S 2020


Lunch Time

Z.M-S 2020


Queen Bee

By Kaedi Khama and Zoya Mothupi-Sarges (2019)

The Queen Bee, a matriarch. A strong, courageous, empowered female. This work is intended to provoke conversation about what it means to defy gender norms and what heteronormative constructs have dictated in the past. The abstract figure differs from how we usually depict female figures of power such as  ‘The Fearless Girl’ or ‘Rosie the riveter'.

This figure depicts strength in vulnerability and the inherent humanity that remains even when one is labelled a victim of sexual assault. This centres the narrative around the perspective of females, which is ironically often lost in the discussion of femicide because victims are forced to solely embody victimhood. Woman expressing, experiencing or the being objects of vulnerability should not translate to the perception of inferiority or weakness. This piece embraces vulnerability as an aspect of not only femininity but humanity and portrays the power and beauty in it.

This is visual representation of the way we hope girls are raised. It expresses that girls are vulnerable in our society but also strong. The failure of the world to ensure the safety of women does not reflect weakness in women. This piece shows our resilience as women in our ability to persist in a world that has failed us. Our piece was incubated in morals that regard the female body as a sacred place, which she has every right to take full control of her narrative, her body and her life.

We should strive to value women much like worker bees in a hive praise their Queen Bee.


Old pool, never used

Z.M-S 2020


Candid 2.0

Z.M-S 2020