Outcast - Kgosatsana Mabalane

You’re dislocated

Out of shape

Lost with the harmony

You don’t belong here

Your crooked smile

Broken face

Scared eyes

Who are you

Walking in like that

Where is your home

Where do you belong

Here in high society

We don’t accept

Strays of the struggle

Threads of the poor

Pieces of the broken

Take your dislocated self else where

You tap to a different beat

Root into vibrations beyond

Grow in colours

They can’t dance like you

Feel like you

See like you

You belong elsewhere

You belong to rainy smell of the soil

You belong to sound of laughter from a child who gets her favourite ice cream

You belong to kid in his room alone thinking if he should end it all

You are above us, high society

A creature of beauty

A beacon of harmony

A whisper of pain