Poached - Jo Theo


just skin

no being

just flesh 

no feeling 

piece by piece 

i sold my 

soul away 

it was nothing but 

a pretend love 

always hunting 

looking for Him

why won’t He come in? 

standing on the boundary 

“ah well” 

He says 

next time 

He won’t knock

i need to remember to lock 

He can’t see who i’ve become 

i can’t believe who i’ve become 

nothing but a figure

who’s name is never known 

and game never shown 

a place holder

a restless being

a broken doll

a fatherless soul 

hope dripping out with

the blood of her scars 

a bash of the head 

“pronounced dead”

that’s what was said 

left to be replaced 

what a disgrace 

she shouldn’t have swam

shouldn’t have kissed Him

should have known better

it was expected 

she’s a woman

a being made by Man

shooting practice

“He never even had a real dad”

“awh it’s too bad” 

i can break who is broken 

i left my hat in your car 

it’s got all my secrets 

my nasty 



don’t let Him see 

i’ll go down 

that’s no fun 

that’s full of force 

what if he’s a She? 

does She know what it’s like to lose your faith? 

have your essence sucked from within? 

i’m sorry 

you deserve better