self-education and ways you can help : #blacklivesmatter

In and amongst all the inspiring and empowering activism going on right now, it is often hard to focus on the immediate things that you can do. As much as it is essential that everyone speaks out and continues these discussions; we cannot allow it to stop there. This article is solely written to redirect as many people as possible to ways in which they can improve their understanding but more crucially, ways they can be of help. It’s easy to become overwhelmed, and harder to participate in fighting the problem when we feel this way. I hope this list can be useful, concise and succinct; and that you can use it to make a difference.

Here is a list of things that you can do right now to help the situation get better

Jules Courtenay, Bhanoyi Mthembu and Matt Sporides have put together a document with some resources to help out with the Black Lives Matter Movement from home, including an extensive list of petitions that need only 30 seconds of your time -

There is so much here, what they’ve done is incredible and it is most definitely worth your time and attention.

Zano Nkosi has created a collaborative website with reliable information on how to spread awareness and go beyond social media activism with a focus on the South African situation, especially during lockdown, If you’re wondering where to go - look no further.

Here is a centralised re directory link with clickable links that send you to ways you can help. This is especially useful because it sheds light on and stands with issues in Hong Kong and Palestine, situations that deserve our attention too. It is updated frequently so keep looking back at it!

And here is a document with resources for accountability, which is needed now more than ever. It contains numbered ways of how you can be a part of achieving justice for a number of individual cases, including sample emails and contacts to hold leaders accountable. There’s so much helpful information here, please check it out.

Here is a list of some resources that you can engage with to improve your understanding of everything that’s going on but also the larger issues at hand

Eli Osei has put together a document which is a compilation of various resources pertaining to racism across the world. There is so much food for thought here and it is highly worth your time - you will be better for it -

Here is a link to an instagram post where I dive into three books from various perspectives with especially pertinent information and insights. I would highly recommend these three books, they largely shape the way I’m looking at all this right now. I’ve made my instagram temporarily public for access to this too.

John Green, through his youtube channel “vlogbrothers” put together a lovely playlist of youtube videos that shed light on and empower black history and black voices. There are 20 really insightful videos here with some things you probably haven’t seen before and they’re all in one place.

Here are links to a few instagram posts that I found super helpful and insightful; they shed light on vitally important aspects of activism and allyship, but also the situation as a whole. Especially for non people of colour, these are immensely useful.

A post detailing the dos and don'ts of allyship :

A post with responses to commonplace instances of white privilege :

A post on how to refocus the conversation on what’s important, something that is vitally useful :

A post that breakdowns the usage of the n-word in today’s society :

A post on how to talk to people who disagree (vitally important) :

A post detailing responses to common racist statements :

A post that dives into what white people can do :

I hope that through this, you see that justice and change is not something that is out of our hands; it’s something that we can actively inspire and spark. If you’d like to make a contribution to this list, please email and we will gladly edit this. This is an ongoing fight that never ends. Let’s keep the energy and say their names, because black lives truly do matter, and that fact doesn't stop with a trend.