What you can do to help Zimbabwe

You might have seen #ZimbabweanLivesMatter trending along with calls to amplify Zimbabwean voices and show solidarity with the country during its human rights crisis. As every movement reminds us, there are things that you can do to actively improve the situation and inspire change. Allyship is never conditional - identifying with one marginalised group means that we ought to exercise our allyship in the direction toward all those who need it. Right now, Zimbabwe needs it. Here are three links that you can use to help Zimbabwe :

For an infographic summary of 'what's going on in Zimbabwe' click here

For a link that points you in the direction of donations you can contribute to, petitions you can sign and a template email you can send to hold UK leaders accountable and spur them into intervention in Zimbabwe on a number of key international levels click here

Perhaps most relevant to you, for an adapted template email directed toward South African officials as well as the relevant email addresses of those officials who have the capacity to enact real change in Zimbabwe, click here

We ask that you take a small amount of time to sign petitions; copy, paste and send emails and make any contributions that you are able to. The greater number of emails that are sent and petitions that are signed, the more the issue will be brought to the right people's attention. For Zimbabweans, and indeed for us, this is a matter of urgency.

Black Lives Matter. Zimbabwean Lives Matter.

If you have any email addresses, links or input that you think should form part of this article so as to point people in the direction of places where they can be made further aware of issues in the world or ways they can make difference, please send these in an email to ukuzibuza@gmail.com