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Marubini koka

Marubini Koka is a 17 year old student at St Mary’s School Waverley. She enjoys absorbing the discourse and wisdom of the elders, role models, that she is surrounded by. She enjoys film and television particularly shining a spotlight on the talent and quality in the South African film and television industry.


Katherine Edwards

My name is Katherine Isobel Edwards. My pronouns are she/her, but I am also comfortable
with they/them. I am a first-year film and TV student at Wits, and I hope to one day work as a
writer in the film industry. Although, most of my pop culture references are just references to
pop culture references in ‘Community’. I am generally not quoting the actual thing; I am
quoting Abed.


Salma Alqadadha

Hi! My name is Salma Al Qadadha, I am 16 year olds and will hopefully graduate high school this upcoming year. While I may be an aspiring STEM student on the outside, at heart, writing and poetry are my largest passion and I find so much peace in them.


Reabetswe Segopa

Reabetswe is a 19-year-old black, queer BA student at the University of Pretoria. Apart from an avid passion for writing, literature, and social justice, his interests also include visual art, poetry as well as music. He is currently a member of the Tuks Psyche Society. Having been apart of his high school's Model UN and public speaking teams, Reabetswe believes that words have an intrinsic transformative power, and ultimately wishes to reach many through writing. He also runs a Tumblr blog at

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Nyasha Mazarura

A creative writer with the intention to convey experiences that create space for bold and empathetic discussion.

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Kourosh Zarei

Swimmer. Animator. Computer programmer. Lived in Tehran for 15 years; moved to study at SISD school, Dubai; applying to university this summer.


Avela Swana

Born and raised in South Africa, I have had the liberty to live a life diverse in experience due to the significantly cultured environment and layered history of the land. Through these experiences, I have been able to learn a lot about the philosophies and principles which govern most of our lives. Through writing, I intend on bringing attention to some of the many daily rituals, sacrifices, pains, and challenges I as a South African and citizen of the world, am being consigned to endure.

I find myself empathizing with people and experiences which are removed from myself. Through all I do and hope to do as time goes on, is to bring peace to souls needing some sort of relief. The writings of many before me have shaped the way I think, see and breathe the world in and I have often found myself staring not at words, but at a reflection of my feelings. Through furthering my writing skills and knowledge base, I intend of trying to recreate those moments for the next person. 

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